DG press ServiceS and Streb AG reach a strategic partnership

4 September 2018

To reach the highest possible printing quality on offset presses; you require the perfect mix of inks, solvents and blankets. Because we service offset presses on a daily basis, we have learned that bad printing quality is not always caused by faulty parts in the press. The bad quality is often caused by using the wrong mix of consumables.

DG press has been manufacturing web offset presses for a long period of time and therefore we are in close contact with our suppliers. One of our main suppliers for blankets, Streb AG, invited several of our employees to discuss the relation between blanket quality and printing quality. They showed us their extensive expertise when it comes to manufacturing blankets and achieving the best results. The knowledge Streb AG has in-house is truly impressive. DG press has all the expertise when it comes to building presses, by combining forces with Streb AG we can now offer a better range of blankets specialised for your production needs.

Besides offering the best printing blankets in the market, we now offer the possibility to analyse various types of blankets and their printing quality. If any problem occurs by the use of these blankets, Streb’s team of experts is ready to offer a suitable solution.

We are proud to announce that we are able to offer you the Streb AG blankets, specially optimized for the highest performance of our offset presses.
Our newest presses Thallo and Vision are standard equipped with Streb AG blankets to reach the highest printing quality. Do you want to learn more about our new blankets? Do not hesitate and contact our spare parts department for an offer to replace your old blankets!