Thallo Web Offset Solutions Showcase

21 March 2017

Hall, 21 March 2017, This morning at 10 AM the Thallo Web Offset Solutions Showcase for flexible packaging and label printing, a joint initiative of Contiweb and DG press, opened its doors. Bert Schoonderbeek (managing director Contiweb) and Remko Koolbergen (director DG press), co-hosts of the event, welcomed the guests giving a brief overview of the companies current and future activities and explained the strategic partnership between the two companies.

Customers, prospects and other business relations from across the world were able to witness the many benefits and cost-efficiencies of the Thallo weboffset printing process during two press demonstrations.

The morning session covered a new packaging job including pre-press, press preparation and job change during which d the offset sleeves were changed within minutes followed by production of the job on a 12-micron PET with EB which showed the Thallo’s capability of handling thin and sensitive substrates. The operator showed the extensive pre-setting capabilities and the waste saving features such as the unique web-reverse.

The label job consisted of a job change to a repeat job showing the cost and waste saving features of the Thallo.

The event will take place until Thursday 23 March.